Introduction of Arvand Plast Group

Arvand Plast Group, with the help of God Almighty and with the aim of providing a variety of polymer products such as preforms, bottle caps, jar containers, PET bottles, cosmetic containers, etc., using the latest technologies in the world to meet the needs of the packaging industry Used.

Strategic goals

  • Globalization of Arvand Plast Company in the long run by filling the existing gaps
  • Adherence to strategic market criteria and gaining environmental business opportunities and regional and international expansion in the field of food packaging industry such as spice containers, detergent jars and cosmetics.

Qualitative and long-term goals

  • Internal self-reliance and reducing the dependence of the country and related industries
  • Organizing and using industrial research as a tool to solve the company’s technological problems.
  • Efforts to penetrate international markets and increase the level of exports of products
  • Efforts to identify methods, tricks and tools for planning to increase competitiveness with international products
  • Review of business structure
  • Marketing and export of the company and creation of necessary departments in the mentioned fields
  • Trust people in proportion to their performance
  • Excellent performance in fulfilling its commitments and developing its vision for pioneering new businesses is one of the
  • strengths of Arvand Plast Group.