Bottle Caps And Sprays

Arvand Plast is ready to provide all kinds of bottle caps and handles with different openings (openings 18 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm, 45 mm) using food grade colors suitable for food and beverage industries (carbonated and non-carbonated beverages). Contains fruit juices, liquid oils, medicines and cosmetics.

Due to the use of the best and most quality raw materials in the doors, when opening the bottle cap, the seal part of the lid remains on the neck of the bottle, which causes the customer to confirm and reassure. The doors are packed in cartons and plastic bags in completely hygienic conditions and without the slightest human contact, and are available to consumers in various industries.

In order to promote the principle of customer orientation, using the experienced and educated staff of Arvand Plast Company, immediately and without the slightest waste of time after confirming and registering the order by the customer, sends the product and in this regard introduces itself as a customer-oriented company.

Arvand Plast offers preforms, PET bottles, bottle caps, jar containers (plastic containers), polyethylene, mold design and manufacturing