Arvand Plast preforms are marketed with the latest model of European machines (Injection Sacmi) under the license of the European Union in the form of 72 Italian Quetas with the highest quality.
These products are converted into bottles with minimal waste (even less than 1%); Obviously, the use of preforms produced by these machines is very cost effective. Hence to inform esteemed customers in various industries including industries

Drinks: Mineral waters, carbonated drinks, buttermilk, juice, energy drinks, milk, beer, liqueurs, etc.
Food industry: oil, sauce, spices, vinegar, dairy and …
Detergents and cosmetics: shampoo, glass cleaner, dishwashing liquid, dishwashing liquid, etc.
Industrial: Agricultural pesticides, distilled water, thinner, etc.
And the pharmaceutical industry

Delivers preforms with very high quality (continuous quality control unit in the factory) are delivered to customers.

Manufactured preforms have features such as structural

  • No air streaks
  • No spots and black spots
  • No burn spots
  • No bubbles
  • No pleats
  • No fluctuations in wall thickness
  • No welding line and U-shaped veins
  • And no reduction in viscosity are inherent.

In order to promote the principle of customer orientation, using the experienced and educated staff of Arvand Plast Company, immediately and without the slightest waste of time after confirming and registering the order by the customer, sends the product and in this regard introduces itself as a customer-oriented company.