Plastic containers (jars)

Arvand Plast Company is a provider of jar containers (wide mouth containers) made of PET with its special screw lid.

Jar containers are used to package honey, pickles, spices, tea, beans, jams and other industrial and food products.

The most important features of these products are the following:

  • High transparency of plastic containers
  • Complete uniformity of jar dishes
  • Sturdiness and durability of wide mouth containers (jar)
  • Proper arrangement in packaging
  • No wave in the body of jar containers

Jar containers (plastic containers) provided with a simple door and a lid with a handle (lantern door) are delivered to customers with the best quality.

Arvand Plast is able to offer jar containers (plastic containers) from 50 cc to 30 liters.

In order to promote the principle of customer orientation, using experienced and educated staff, Arvand Plast Company immediately and without the slightest waste of time after confirmation and registration of the order by the customer, sends the product and in this regard introduces itself as a customer-oriented company.